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Esterno azienda

Aluminum takes shape, we transform it thanks to our constant technological innovation, creativity, delivery of the finished product passing through all the phases of extrusion, (thermal) aging treatments, painting and packaging

Company history

1985 - Established in South America as a foundry for billets and aluminum ingots In the following years, the expansion of the reference markets and marketing towards the United States and Europe began. The experience, skills and resourcefulness of the founding member, originally from the province of Pescara (Italy), they pushed him to start a new all-Italian challenge. After appropriate assessments, he decided to purchase a production site and make all his know-how available for the reactivation of the plant. The founding partner's philosophy begins with decades of experience and has customer satisfaction as its ultimate goal, also thanks to the support of his entire family. Within the same, thanks to his passion, several professional figures of excellence in the sector have developed both on the production line and in management. The first choice was to invest in the competence and skills of the Italian workforce to improve the final quality of the product.

2018 - Takeover by Palmegiani Group Srl of a historic aluminum extrusion plant with 40,000 m2 of land and 18,000 m2 of factories, in central Italy based in the province of Ascoli Piceno, well connected to the main communication routes.

2019 – Birth of Aluminum Profile Italy Srl and the simultaneous restoration of the production lines and their technological renewal

2021 - creation of a new treatment and painting line for aluminum profiles

2022 - Creation of a new sublimation line and numerical control machines for the processing of aluminum profiles